Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yes I have been PAID to model but I hate it. I have a job. Thanks

Ok so Modeling is work and work sucks. There are lots of people who can model for free and think they are hot or something but whatever. If you are not being paid you are wasting your time. MODELS MAKE MONEY and LOTS OF IT!!! Plus I have never felt the need to feel beautiful to everyone else but me and Jeff of course. I have high self-esteem and do not need everyone else to approve of me because I approve of me 100 percent.  I now have 3 kids and a life so I do not need to wake up at 6AM for hair and makeup and sit in the hot sun till noon trying to get the perfect light for the perfect shot. UGh whatever. I do however have a few amazing pics from some crazy cool shoots but again I never intended to become a model. I just wanted pics to remind me of how perfect I was when I am old and well anti gravitating.  Right now after 3 kids 5'10" weighing in at 120. Im doing ok.... OK Ok I think I am hotter than the best of them so HA and I just know it! sexy face rawr! BAHAHAHAHAHA! 

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