Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

" If love is blind then why is lingerie so popular"?..

          Yet another Valentines Day! I will admit that I always had a valentine. Starting in grade school I always had a boy to give me stuff!!! Not one year  since have I not had one. The gifts just keep getting better I must say. Is it terrible to say I have never been single either? Wow from the time I was 16 until now. Boyfriend after boyfriend. Relationship to Relationship. Usually breaking up with one for another!
           I guess some would say that probably Is not good. At some point I should have experienced being single. Well I have no regrets and I am married now so Single is not in the game plan.  I am glad I never had to experience picking through the weed of men.   The truth is I would hate to be that single girl.  Glad I never had to do it.
          People that slam marriage and relationships are haters. They  are not good in relationships because nobody wants to chill with them longer than a night.  I know some single people that are just downright annoying and it is obvious why relationships do not come knocking on their door.  If you are single you probably might wanna keep going to the gym and trying on your looks.  Secondly, men do not care where you got your purse or shoes.  Guys wanna talk about themselves just as much as we do but DONT talk about yourself nonstop.  Make them feel important.  Men know we have the upper hand.  We control the conversation so by letting him boast about himself you are showing you care and can listen. I have actually learned about alot of different things by listening to very smart men.
       I also cant stand a person that constantly tear down other people or causes drama.  This is probably why alot of chicks are single.  DRAMA is annoying and so is CRYING.  If you are a crybaby suck it up. Seriously.  Inless you are getting married, having a baby, hit your funny bone or somebody died. Crying is out.  It just shows you have no control over yourself and you could possibly become a complete mess at some point in your life.  Nobody wants to marry the crazy girl that cries all the time.  Get it ? Got it? Good!

  I have been blessed in many ways. I have always lived my life to be thoughtful of others. I always listen, never create drama and I am just downright LOVEABLE!  There is nothing in this world like someone who knows every inch of you inside and out.   It is Irreplaceable and blessed  if you truly get to experience it!

       My amazing husband brought home 4 dozen roses and a dozen peonies for me.  He loves me. I love him. We got it Right.

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  1. i love you more for this blog!!!! you are so cute!!! and right!! tell him girl!!!!! i expect more reading material soon!!!!!