Monday, February 7, 2011


Ok so I am 28 working on my third baby!!! I feel like this is my place in life to be a mother and try my best to raise these girls to be women. Women of substance and women with strength in every aspect of their lives. I think being a mom to girls is the best gift for me yet. I am sure it will change as the teen years approach as I will only hope they love me too much to expel the teenage wrath upon me.

Heather  and I flew to Ohio to see the doctor and  ITS  A GIRL!!!! It meant the world to me to have Heather there for all of this!! She was away at school in Arizona when Karoline was born. When I had Kailen we had not spoken for 2 years. I moved in 11th grade and we experienced the last years of our high school existence apart from each other. We made up for it though. We served as each others maid of honor in our weddings that were one week apart.  Hers in Ohio. Mine in Miami. We made it both places in 7 days!!!! Thats how Heather and I work. We are multi-taskers. The wedding month was probably one of the best times in my life. My friend Lisa also married that month on the 24th. OCTOBER 09 , I salute you.

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