Monday, February 7, 2011

How to not get fat while pregnant. Beginning to End.

WHEW. OK so I just finished an intense 3 month workout regime and body is in tip top perfect condition. BAM Positive pregnancy test!!! I was hoping, wanting, wishing for it though!! The key for me was to always be at the top of my game at conception. Getting my body prepared for 9 months of pregnancy is work. Its cardio for an hour 5 days a week. Pilates, yoga, anything you can do to strengthen your core!! GET YOUR CORE STRONG LADIES!!!
        So you are probably saying " ok whatever you work out to look good and then get pregnant"? YES and keep it up the whole pregnancy! If you are lazy and eat like crap what do you expect. Donuts are not helping your baby grow. Its helping you get fat. Did I eat cake?  I most certainly did! Ice cream? Yep that too. On occasion that is.
       Your daily food intake should only increase 300 calories. I do not count calories but I know when too much food is too much and so do you. You just may not care. I DID. I drank juice from the juicer daily. Apples, carrots, ginger, spinach, lemons, cucumbers, celery, the list goes on and on. If its colorful and grown from the earth. JUICE IT! Can you imagine the benefits for you and baby? AMAZING! Skin is radiant, hair is beautiful, the tummy is looking superb!!! The cardio is important and I do not mean running 5 minute miles.  Elliptical, stationary bike, and long walks were my workouts of choice. Nothing extreme or too hard for the average bear.  Get you tired sick lazy butt up and do it!!! Morning sickness never knocked at my door so I have no idea what to advise in that terrible situation.

Ok so my doctor called me a  Genetic Miracle.  I suppose that may be partly true.  The work I put into being healthy all the time sure helps tremendously.   I am sure some of you may say "well you do not work so you have more time". Yes, True but not entirely. Karoline is home all day with me. That means messes, baths, meals, educating, reading books, ABC's, laundry, dishes, tennis 4 days a week and cooking a well-balanced meal for 5 people each night. UGHHHHHHH!!! Now back to the BODY!  The body is Amazing. Love it and treat it kindly. Even while pregnant and it will love you back.

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