Friday, February 11, 2011

Breastfeeding with the best of them. 101

     So yes I am a Breastfeeder. I am also wholeheartedly totally for all of Gisele's mouthy comments about breastfeeding.
    My first baby was formula fed because I was young , dumb and uneducated about this whole fabulous concept.  When Karoline was born I was 23 years old and a little wiser.  Bring on the breastfeeding! We were all set.  The experience lasted 18 months. Yes 18 months she was breastfed. No formula period.
     The whole I give my baby formula sometimes because I am not making enough milk is BS. YOur body will make enough to feed your baby.  Sometimes it seems they are eating more than you are producing but your body will catch up within the day with the help of making sure you are drinking enough water. If you give formula then thats one less bottle your body makes therefore slowing down your milk production DUH!
  When Korbin was born she was eating alot and milk supply was off to a good start.  The nurse STILL was trying to give me a box of formula to take home. I said "No honey, we wont be using that EVER!" SO if you didnt or couldnt breastfeed. I feel bad for you. Its truly one of the most amazing things ever. BREAST IS BEST!

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