Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tennis Days!!!

       Jimmy Bollettieri walking in this photo with me.  Nick Bollettieri's son. He is our coach ,trainer, teacher , TENNIS instructor.  His father started  IMG  Bollettieri tennis academy . They pump out the tennis machines. Maria, Anna, you name it they probably went there.
       The girls and I have been working on becoming amazing tennis players. We play usually 5 days a week.  This way even when they are 16 and mouthy they can let out some frustration on the tennis court in an effort to beat their mom.  Tennis means wearing a skirt to workout!  Ladylike and classy in every way.  The game is absolutely amazing for cardio and endurance. The game is very mental until you serve and then get that ball over 4 or 5 times. At this point it then becomes VERY physical. Wrist, running, and powerful strokes.
    I have seen this sport change bodies. Mine as well. I now have the strongest inner and outer thighs ever.  Do you ever wonder  why professional tennis players, particularly women are sometimes big? That would be because they play 6-8 hours a day.  The amount of endurance your body needs to do this requires alot of muscle and FOOD!  I will never play that long on any given day so my body will reap the slimming benefit of the cardio exercise!  The only downfall is I have to ice my wrist afterwards or I cannot feel my middle fingertip the next day!

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