Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love and Marriage 7 years into it..

So I am going to start October of 2009. The story of the seven years before then will be a hard edit and too mind blowing for any of you to fathom.  As it begins October 17,2009. Jeff and I got married. Yep we did it exactly 7 years to the day of meeting in 2002.  
      When I met him did he want kids? Nope. Wife? Nope. Relationship and a good person to stand by him through good and bad? You betcha!  I was 19 at the time in college . Tall and blonde with blue eyes. I was his dreamgirl. The one he said he always wanted to meet.  Really?  Thanks.  I like your blue eyes too.  I also like your versace cologne and your lamborghini. 
       OK OK  sounds shallow huh?  Some Old divorced unhappy chic once told  Jeff and I we were shallow.  Get a life lady and a 5th husband while you are at it!   We were in it for good he was stuck and so was I.  We knew we were meant to be.  We had a few bumps along the way.  Thats when we got rid of all the bad people in our life.  USERS .  Fairweather friends.  People who didnt deserve Jeffs friendship.  For those of you who know my husband.  He is amazing in every way.  ENOUGH SAID.
       I walked through the fire with him and stood there every step of the way no matter what .  In the 7 years prior to the wedding alot of bad, money hungry, wife cheating loosers is who we were surrounded with.  So of course my Jeff assumed nobody could ever be happy. Everyone we know basically wants someone better  yet settle for whatever they can get. Quote Hank Moody in Californication " most people, they go their whole life and they never find someone they love ya know? They say they do because everybody's the star of their own romantic comedy, but their full of shit."
       Yep and they will kiss your behind, take your money and gifts and when life gives you a lemon they are gone. Great ! Thanks for proving to yourself how worthless you really are. We already knew.  

Fastforward Miami....we fell in love here. We are leaving OHIO and this is going to be our home. The girls can swim in the ocean, play tennis and love life. .  We are not the normal. We are the ideal. Happy, healthy and pretty much great in every way. 

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